How to allow to change governors and frequencies for CPU-FREQ

Recently i have ran into a problem: my laptop has Intel Centrino Process, the one that changes its' frequency if the load is bigger or smaller... So that it works with full power when you need high computing performance, and it has frequency only of 600 MHz and doesn't use much energy when you don't need it to perform fast (f.e. your just surfing in the internet, or use office programs, or listen the music on console).

For changing the frequency you will have to use a program called "cpufreq-selector". GNOME has a panel applet for this program. The only problem is that by default only superuser can change the frequencies, so that nobody else can do that. To let others change the frequency of your CPU do the following:

$ sudo chmod +s /usr/bin/cpufreq-selector

That will change the access permissions.

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