Ubuntu Linux + SeaDAS 5.0

Here are the instructions how to install SeaDAS 5.0 on Ubuntu box (in my case that was Edgy Eft) Instructions are taken from official SeaDAS support forum.

1) Install CSH with "apt-get install csh" or synaptic
2) create a file /etc/redhat-release and insert:
"Fedora Core release 6 (Zod)"
3) Use the automatic installation for Fedora Core 6. (I used the run-time IDL)
4) append to ~/.bashrc
"source [SEADASinstallpath]/config/seadas.env"

There is one more weird thing i have faced with - new "i810" driver for integrated graphics card conflicts with IDL (SeaDAS is built on IDL).

It gives me such error then:

"libGL warning: 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x5b
Segmentation fault (core dumped)"

The simpliest solution that worked well for me was to change in /etc/X11/xorg.conf "i810" driver to "vesa". Restart your X-server and then it should work.

to solve a problem with new versions of libX11 (on most of new linux distro's, for example my Ubuntu 7.10. >> Run-time IDL which is used in SeaDAS 5. is incompatible with new libX11. To display your data you need to downgrade libX11. Take a look on the ittvis topic about this issue, you can find a link for libx11 deb package as well. Or just look for it in the repositories of your Linux distribution.

If your installation fails, execute (for bash users):

Append last command to your ~/.bashrc file if you use SeaDAS often.

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Oberon said...

install fedora core 4 in the folder or just copy the instalation disc in the folder