IMAPP on Linux: Jiihaa!

Very nice day is today: finally i have managed to run IMAPP (international MODIS processing package) on my Linux/Ubuntu box.

The trouble that i had before was my will to compile the program from the source code under Ubuntu and other modern distributions with pretty new C compilers: gcc 3.x and gcc 4.x. I have failed with that but fortunately found the solution. Maybe not elegant but effective.

Ok, the problem was that i couldn't compile the complex of programs for Level 1 processing. So on the website of authors i found the details on compiler: it was gcc 2.96, a "fork" of major gcc line (v. 2.95 was the last one before gcc 3). The most appropriate Linux distributive than was Red Hat 7.3, which conflicts with HDFLook that i plan to use for visualising the data (too old GLIBC libraries).

The idea to compile gcc 2.96 on my machine has failed. Virtual machine was my saviour. I've installed Red Hat 7.3 on the virtual machine and HDF4 and IMAPP compilation went just fine.

So, i brought freshly compiled binaries to my Ubuntu box, updated leapsec.dat and utcpole.dat and voi la! l1a processing went just fine and HDFLook works perfectly with a new bunch of *.hdf's!

If you neew those binaries (HDF4 and IMAPP) just contact me via email (itkin@front.ru), i'd be pleased to share them.

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