New Russia - EU visa regulations

I have posted it already some time ago at geographers' forum, but since i need this document from time to time i will repost it here as well:

Some very good news!
On 1st of June, 2007 new rules for Russia and EU, on facilitation of issuance of visas got into force!

Here you can find the set of the regulations.

And i will make a short skim on what concerns students and researches:

1) Documents required:
# For pupils, students and accompanying teachers travelling to study:

* a written request (original) or
* a certificate of enrolment (original) from the host- and home university or
* student cards or certificates of the courses to be attended;

# For participants in scientific, cultural and artistic activities, university and other exchange programmes, and sport events:

* a written request from the host organisation (original);

What is in the written request?

* For the invited person: name, surname, date of birth, sex, citizenship, number of the identity document, time and purpose of journey, number of entries, and name of minor children accompanying the invited person.
* For inviting person: name, surname, address and contact details.
* For inviting legal person: full name and address, name and position of the person signing the request and registration number for companies based in the Member States.

2. Visa handling fee
The fee for processing a visa application is 35 €.

This fee will benefit all EU and Russian citizens (including tourists) and concern al types of Schengen visas, i.e. both transit and short-stay visas, irrespective of the number of entries.

There is the possibility of charging an extra fee of 70 € on urgent requests (3 days before departure). This does not apply to cases related to humanitarian or health reasons (disabled persons and those to receive urgent medical treatment); death of relatives and members of official delegations

3. Exemption from the visa fee.
Certain categories of persons benefit from a waiving of the visa fee:
* close relatives (spouse, children, parents, grandparents and grandchildren);
* pupils, students and accompanying teachers for educational purposes;
* humanitarian cases;
* persons participating in scientific, cultural and artistic activities including exchange programmes;
* persons participating in youth international sport events and persons accompanying them;
* participants in twin cities exchange programmes;
* children under 6 years;
* researchers fulfilling certain condition;
* members of official delegations.

4. Length of procedure for processing visa applications
A decision on visa application shall be taken within 10 calendar days of the date of the receipt of the complete visa application. This period can be prolonged up to 30 days or shortened down to 3 days.

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