International Max Planck Research School on Earth System Modelling

* Organized by: Max Planck Scientific Society and German Association of Universites
* General initiative is to provide students from Germany and abroad with necessary facilities for their research
* Aimed at students who has Master degree (or equivalent to German "Diplom")
* The Research Schools focus particularly on international cooperation and strive to attract foreign students to Germany to pursue their doctoral studies.
* In 2005 school has been evaluated and extended for the next 6 years
* The duration of individual project is up to 3 years
* At least 50% of school attendees should be from abroad (not German)
* Monthly funding (scholarships or incoherent salaries system) varies from 990 to 1100 euros, additional support is possible.
* Application deadline is 18th of September, lessons begin in March.
Overview at DAAD website

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