Stefan Grothkopp has written an ultimately cool service, goosh.org, which makes a fusion of google search and command line interface! Finally, i was looking for a similar funcionality for long.

I wrote really basic script to access firefox and goosh.org from my desktop command line.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Send your goosh query from the command line

import os
import sys

os.system("$BROWSER http://goosh.org/?q=%s+'%s' &" % (sys.argv[1],sys.argv[2:]))


You make this script executable, put it in the /usr/bin/ folder (or wherever you prefer), name it "goosh" or "g" or "search" or what so ever...

Now you can type goosh s hiking,crimea,winter and you will get firefox (or whatever is your $BROWSER) with google search results.
Check goosh.org for its full list of commands.

PS. I know that such script is very basic, but the purpose of the post is more about expressing my joy of using goosh, then posting the script. :)


Magik said...

Миша, спасибо за скрипт :)!
Хоть я всё таки думаю что юзать гошу лучше из броузера :)

Mikhail Itkin said...

Да ну, тридцать секунд вима, это вместо алиаса только...

Вот бы знать если goosh проживёт долго или нет? А то больно полезная штука, хочется чтобы подольше пожил..