Temperature and humidity vertical profiles retrieval procedure

For my Master thesis i have done some assessment analysis of retrieved vertical temperature and humidity atmospheric profiles accuracy.

The data has been retrieved from ATOVS sounder system placed on NOAA and METOP satellite.
As the accuracy was considered as satisfying (for the use in forecasting analysis) now it's a time to introduce producing of temperature and humidity maps (on different altitude levels) in the office i work now (St. Petersburg MetService).

The whole procedure of retrieval is done using 4 pieces of software:

Let me describe the installation step by step, perhaps it might be useful for someone.

  1. Install g95 compiler. Nothing extra hard here, as it's distributed as binaries. While compiling smth you might get "F951" error, search this blog to see what's the matter and how to solve it.
  2. Install NetCDF. Attention! It has to be compiled from the source, as the IAPP expects a certain form of NetCDF output. You only have to specify two special flags before executing "configure" script. Take a look at here. Note: i was using version 3.6.2.
  3. Install AAPP. Fairly easy, just follow the installation instructions provided with the distribution package.
  4. Install IAPP. Same, follow the installation instructions and you will be able to get a lot of amazingly useful data out of freely distributed NOAA ATOVS imagery (temperature and humidity profiles, ozone concentration, water vapor content, cloud top temperature, etc.)

This post isn't finished yet, so to be continued...

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