Synchronize Linux Laptop and Desktop

I got really nice computer at my working desk in the institute and i have a neat black Asus eeePc which is very cool for travelling but not so comfortable comparing to a normal desktop.

I am commuting every day to the office and quite an essential part of my work is done on the train. Surely then every morning i would like to put everything new on my Desktop or way round in the end of the day.

To synchronize two folders on your comp i used rsync, it can do synchronization over local network or internet. Ok, here is an example, i synchronize two folders like that, one step:

rsync -arvuz --stats /laptop/folder/path userrname@your.desktop.ip.address:desktop/destination/folder

And then, if you don't like your laptop's small screen and keyboard, use ssh if the laptop is plugged into network:

ssh -X username@ipaddress

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