Hamburg TV Tower

Hamburg Fernseherturm, officially called Heinrich-Hertz-Turm.

Currently it's the 55th tallest tower in the world, as tall as 279.7 m, made of concrete in 1968.

Interestingly, this photo was taken shortly after noon, but the pinkish stripe on the horizon looks like evening is approaching. Most likely the nature of the effect is the same, just the amount of the water vapor in the atmosphere, perhaps with some additional effect from aerosols create similar atmosphere already at midday.

I took this shot today after receiving Hoya circular polarization filter. This is a must-have thing, seriously. I've read a lot about filters but I couldn't imagine it makes such a difference on the picture. Not only the sky looks a lot more real and of a beautiful color, but the effect of haze in the air is reduced significantly as well. The Hoya filter I got fits Zuiko lenses very nicely, it holds firm and you can use with it lens hood and lens cap simultaneously.

I've learnt today that Olympus fine resolution jpegs are good enough, and unless you work in difficult lighting conditions you might not need to shoot in raw, due to camera's good jpeg processor.

I am a complete beginner in DSLR world, but tried to play with curves and couldn't find yet a clear advantage of raw data. Need to ask gurus first what am i doing wrong.

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