Continuing to boost Ubuntu, now PolicyKit

So... Here we go further. Gnome environment is a bit dissapointing, too slow comparing to various *boxes (i stick to fluxbox now). And also gdm doesn't make your computer faster. Actually it's quite useless if you know how to start x session yourself. But gdm is responsible for launching other services and PolicyKit settings also depend on it.

The thing is that if you're using gdm then it allows normal users perform various actions, like mounting flashcards, etc. So, the moment gdm was switched of, i couldn't mount any usb stick or sd card or whatever. Well, i could, being a root, but not as normal user.

So, for now my solution was to add my user account to the admin category. You have to edit xml file "/etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf".

Now it looks like this:


Note that i added two usernames along with "root". That solved my automount problems.

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